5 reasons to choose GetSetGo! for your dance lessons

Our ballet instructor Julia Denham explains why ballet and dance lessons are so important, and what makes GetSetGo! the ideal setting for you and your little ones.

1 It’s physical

Dance promotes good posture, develops coordination, balance, and increases fine and gross motor skills. It also teaches rhythm and musicality and allows for an environment which encourages imagination, story telling and self expression!

We learn about classical composers and famous Ballet productions to educate and inspire curious young minds.

2 It’s social

Dance classes promote social development; allowing children to understand their own and other children’s space. Ballet teaches children how to follow instructions, to take turns, and to be patient. It also teaches a sense of determinatio, focus and discipline; children learn that if they keep at something they will achieve results!

Dance lessons also encourage children to perform in front of their peers and to support, clap for and cheer one another on, increasing confidence and self esteem!

3 Our teachers are dancing royalty

Our teachers are professionally trained by the Royal Academy of Dance. The Royal Academy of Dance is a highly esteemed UK-based examination board specialising in dance education and training, with an emphasis on classical ballet. This means all classes follow a specially designed syllabus, and ultimately offers the opportunity for children 5 and over to participate in graded examinations, class awards and performance exams should they want to.

4 Our incredible studios

GetSetGo! in Putney has gorgeous studio rooms which are fully kitted out with mirrors and ballet barres as well as a state of the art sound system.

5 They’ll love it! 

Dance is rewarding and makes children happy! Overall, the best reason for a child to take dance is because of the fun they will have. They are allowed an environment which is structured, yet nurturing where they are safe and free to express themselves and make friends!

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