Our favourite stories about learning to swim by Claire Harrison

When it comes to teaching water safety to smaller children and of course the importance of learning to swim, the question is how do we get the message across to little minds and give them an opportunity to understand how to stay safe when near water?

With 2 children of my own and having been involved with teaching swimming for nearly 25 years, they key is creative, fun and educational experiences that are engaging whilst also continually reinforcing the message.

And something we do with our children every week, and more often than not every evening before bed is to read with them.

Stories about learning to swim or staying safe around water  provide an engaging way for children to gain important knowledge whilst also supporting crucial messages.

Such stories can teach important lessons about preventing accidents, raising the alarm when things go wrong, they encourage discussion and help develop critical thinking skills to help children be aware of their environment and the potential hazards around them.

When it comes to learning to swim, stories can help them prepare for why and how they will learn to swim and how it’s not only a fun activity, but something that could ultimately save their or someone else’s life one day.

So this week, drowning prevention week, wanted to share with you our favourite children’s story books about water safety and learning to swim.

Happy Reading…

Kid’s Don’t Float: Water Safety


Helping a child to understand how important it is to wait for an adult may save their life. “Kids Don’t Float: Water Safety” introduces you and your preschooler to the fact that some things float, but kids do not. Engaging as well as fun to read, this cute little book will encourage conversation about water safety between you and your child.

Lottie Jumps in


Written by experienced swimming teacher Karen Bromley, this is a story about being brave, overcoming fear and finding the courage to start a lifelong love of the water.

Water Safety (Stay Safe)


Practical tips for staying safe around water, such as making sure there is an adult nearby when swimming, using floats if they are needed, and putting on a lifejacket when getting into a boat.

Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim


A lovely book about wanting to learn to swim but learning to respect water safety too!

Biff, Chip and Kipper: Learning to Swim


We couldn’t leave without sharing a Biff, Chip and Kipper book, the perfect stories for learning to read. School approved and GetSetGo approved too!