Find the right activity for you

Find the right activity for you

Are you looking to get fitter but not entirely sure where to start or what to do?

Struggled to find a class that suits your needs?

Or just want to try something new?

We’ve got a few questions for you to answer to help you find the right activity for you.


First up, what are your fitness goals?

  1. I want to build strength and challenge myself, all to a pumping soundtrack in the background to keep me motivated 
  2. I really want to strengthen my core, I’m looking to try something fun and different to get my endorphins flowing.  
  3. I’m looking to improve my general fitness. I’d prefer something lower in intensity, I love the weightless feeling of being in the water
  4. I want to find my zen and improve my flexibility, I can’t even touch my toes! 
  5. At the moment I’m just focusing on catching up with myself and getting some ‘me-time’, fitness isn’t really a priority for me at the moment. 


What is your post workout pick me up?

  1. Go Berries smoothie with added protein powder, obviously 
  2. Anything caffeinated  
  3. Something warming but cleansing like a herbal tea
  4. Nothing like a ginger shot to feel good from the inside out 
  5. A glass of something bubbly, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere


What genre of music do you like to listen to?

  1. Something with a heavy beat to keep me focused 
  2. As long as it’s feel good and funky 
  3. A soundtrack to transport me back to my Summer holiday 
  4. Gentle, calming sounds to help me relax 
  5. Don’t care what it is as long as it’s loud enough to mute the sound of my little one’s latest tantrum 


What do you never leave the house without?

  1.  My trusty gym leggings for those last minute sessions, squat proof, stretch proof and sweat proof 
  2. My keepcup, I never go anywhere without it! 
  3. A hair bobble or…five
  4. My yoga matt
  5. A good book


What is your go-to breakfast?

  1. Porridge, full of protein and keeps me full all morning 
  2. Smarties cookie, colourful, fun and equally delicious
  3. Banana Bread, good for energy and serves my sweet tooth
  4. Avocado on toast, no explanation needed 
  5. A croissant or pain au chocolat to accompany my morning coffee 


Now for the results! 


Mostly 1s

PowerPower is a total body conditioning and fat burning workout, it will challenge your strength, power and endurance to new levels.


Mostly 2s

GravityChallenge your core control with dynamic gravity defying motion! Our Gravity workouts use the elastic training system which reduces stress on your joints while increasing total muscle work. It’s fun and allows you to take your training to new levels and find freedom with movement.


Mostly 3s

SwimFit The ultimate pool based workouts. Our SwimFit programme offers both aqua aerobics and HIIT Aquafit classes. Our aqua aerobics programme is gently on your joints and great for toning up. Whilst our HIIT aquafit class is designed to challenge, building strength and improving overall fitness.


Mostly 4s

Yoga – Our dynamic yoga classes transform mind and body. An active and challenging class that includes ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa flow and more.


Mostly 5s

Coffee & Chill – A light and spacious cafe is open all day for coffees, cakes, sandwiches, prosecco, wine, beer and lots, lots more.  Take a seat in our cozy snug and relax whilst your little one explores our amazing play area!


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