Five key reasons to start baby swimming lessons

National Baby Swimming Week was started in 2016 to help raise awareness about the benefits of getting children into a pool as early as possible and get them swimming. Baby swimming doesn’t just teach little one’s key water safety skills but can boost their confidence in various ways, in and out of the water.


Here, our new Head of Swim, Dan Wright, outlines FIVE key reasons why it’s so important to get your Tots swimming as early as possible:

1. Water confidence

Getting comfortable in the water early helps break down the barriers to further swimming lessons and helps build greater confidence and skills in the water for the future.

2. Bonding And Social Skills

Babies will enjoy social interaction with parents, instructors and other children during their swim lessons. Parent participation gives you an opportunity to bond with your child one-on-one. Taking advantage of family swim times can also give you quality time with your baby.

3. Helping your baby to develop cognitively

The Griffith study, conducted over a four-year period with nearly 7,000 children, found that children who had taken baby swimming lessons were more cognitively developed than children their age who had not.

4. Early baby sensory development

Babies who are exposed to stimulation early get a brain boost. The baby’s brain is more malleable in the earlier months of life, starting swimming at a young age will help develop the sensory & motor skills.

5. Improves sleeping patterns & appetite

All of that physical exertion in the water, as well as the energy it takes their little bodies to stay warm, burns a lot of calories. You’ll probably notice an increase in your baby’s appetite & sleep after regular swimming time.

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