Mental Health Awareness Week meets outdoor cold water swimming

It’s your 5am wake up call and your first reaction is how ridiculous a time this is to be stirring from slumber, and then you remember….you have your 6am Outdoor Lake Swim session booked!

A smooth start as you’ve prepped everything the night before so you enjoy your steaming travel mug brimming with rich coffee in the car on route. Too early for breakfast but you know how much you are going to enjoy that later with a stimulated appetite, savouring the taste of reward after your exercise.

The sun is rising gently in the East greeting you with her pale smile and the moon bids you adieu in the West, and all the world seems at peace.

The birds greet you cheerily upon arrival and the dew drops are starting to shimmer as the sun’s rays slowly lengthen.

It’s 5 degrees air temperature and 9 degree water and your feet are already nearing numbness as you enjoy a quiet moment of connecting barefoot with the earth, absorbing all Mother Nature’s negative ions that fill you with goodness. A knowing nod to those other swimmers who are also in on the wondrous secret of Outdoor Swimming in Cold Water.

With Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese as your enthusiastic cheerleaders you start your Fitbit and plunge into the cool, fragrant waters setting off at a decent pace, tingling with endorphins and increased heart rate in reaction to the sudden change of temperature and tempo. You know the first 5 minutes are going to challenge you as you’ll be pushing through the “ice-cream” headache until your blood is flowing strongly, spreading warmth, reaching the tips of your fingers and toes, an incentive to set a good pace.

With the visibility less than 40cm, you’re gifted a sense of calm and peace within yourself without any distraction, all the while cocooned by nature’s wholesome healing elements. You’re fully in tune with yourself, knowing how each part of your body and your mind is feeling today.

Urban living can sometimes feel like a fast paced rat race. Sometimes you can feel a bit lost or overwhelmed or disconnected. It’s so important to take the time to be kind to yourself, you deserve it! Outdoor cold water swimming is one winning formula worth a go:

Key Benefits

  • A tried and tested natural mood lifter, activating all your glorious endorphins
  • Boosts your immune system through increasing your white blood cell count
  • Increases your libido through stimulating oestrogen and testosterone production
  • Burns more calories as your heart has to work faster to keep warm
  • Reduces both physical and mental stress leaving you calm and relaxed
  • Has its social upsides too; a wonderful place to meet friends and share a healthy, satisfyingly challenging hobby

The body and mind’s health are equally important and facilitate each other, and this is a truly glorious way to achieve both together…. Take the plunge into your new found happy place and GetSetSplash!

Danni Petticrew
Head of Swim Academy

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