Baby swimming; our top tips

Being in the water is a wonderful sensory time for a baby. It helps develop cognitive and physical awareness, builds confidence and is a great bonding experience. You will be surprised by what your baby can achieve in a short space of time whilst having lots of fun too.

There is a lot of emphasis on water safety in the lessons. Making sure a baby can turn, float and get themselves to the side of the pool with ease is all part of their lesson ‘milestone’ progress.

It’s incredibly rewarding sharing in your baby’s developments and achievements and it will equip you with a treasure chest of activities you can enjoy at bath time to associate positive water experiences every step of the way.

Here are our helpful tips:

Bring a favourite bath toy along to your lesson to associate a positive water experience.

Take a quick shower after your lesson. This will keep you and baby warm, clean any chlorine off baby’s skin and is a lovely experience for babies who love how the water feels on their fingers and toes. 

Allow plenty of time for travel and changing so you’re both relaxed and ready for a wonderful lesson.

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t like the water straight away. Smile, persevere and encourage and they will get there very soon. 

Your baby will look to you for their que’s. So relax and enjoy yourself and your baby will follow your lead.

Babies should wait 1 hour after feeding before swimming. 

Take a drink or feed your baby after the lessons. Learning to swim is thirsty work! 

If you baby is not well, or has an ear, chest or eye infection we advise against 

taking them swimming. And whilst we understand that babies do get sick, we cant refund but we will try our best to offer a make up class for when they get better. 

Until potty trained, happy nappies together with waterproof nappies are a must! 

Only one adult can take part in the lesson with their baby but we welcome cheering from the side if, say, Granny wishes to watch too. 

You don’t have to be a good swimmer to attend the lessons with you baby but inform your Instructor before the lesson so they can offer you and your baby assistance if needed. 

We hope to have answered your questions here, but please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have question that we haven’t covered. 

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