Why age-appropriate play matters

As children develop and grow their interests and needs are constantly evolving and they go through various different stages of play development.

We asked our friends at Toy Box Club why age-appropriate play is so important.


Why does going to a great music class with your toddler feel so good?

Because you know that the teacher understands what your child will be able to appreciate mentally and what they’ll be able to do physically.

Children develop and change so quickly, it’s important to give them a regular challenge. And loads of fun, obviously!

At Toy Box Club we know that having the right toys at each stage of your child’s development is crucial. Every one of our boxes is curated by us to work for each month of your child’s life from birth to 5 years old.

And here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Children just won’t enjoy playing with toys that are for younger or older children as much. It sounds obvious but most toy manufacturers have a good understanding of what your child will find fun.

2. Playing with the right toys plays a crucial role in children’s physical and mental development. Younger children need to work their gross motor skills, and slowly start moving towards the finer motor skills as they get closer to school age.

3. Those age guidelines are there for your child’s safety and your peace of mind. Children under 3 (for example) are much more likely to mistake a small part for a sweet and stick it in their mouth.

4. We’ve found that toddlers need more structure to their play, often optimised with an adult present. Toys that stack, for example, and building blocks. Older children can respond well to more improvisational, creative play. This is why we have lots of dressing up, imaginary and pretend play options in our older boxes.

5. The right toys at the right time are crucial in helping pre-school children understand the world around them and help them develop problem solving skills. They also teach them about sharing, conflict resolution and those essential social and interactional skills.


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